We Believe in People


We donate pallets of our food to local food banks at least three times a year. Those most recent have included the Alameda, San Francisco, and Merced Food Banks. 


On an industrial level, we use an extensive recycling program with the City of Hayward to compost and recycle all of our scrap foods, wood, metal, and plastic. 


Everyday we work with local energy management businesses to ensure efficient energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Local Partnerships

Driven by our passion to provide authentic and high quality products, we focus on sustainability and partnering with local growers and distributors. We are not only striving to create change in the present food industry by collaborating with local business, but we are also contributing to local economic development. As Chefs Corner grows, so will our impact on the local economy and market. In addition, we seek feedback from our clients and customers, and often adjust our services to fit their needs.