About Us

Chef’s Corner Foods is one of America’s premiere food companies. With our focus on authenticity and simplicity, we can help you bring the world’s favorite dishes to your very own cherished customers. Only the freshest and most vibrant entrees will do, and our fine foods will fit perfectly with food service operations ranging from the quaint to immense!

We call ourselves Food Developers because a large part of our business has been spent formulating specific menus for Public Unified School Districts, Private Schools and College and Universities. Each menu fits the guidelines for each industry and has been successful additions to each menu. We view ourselves as an instrument in helping to create solutions to enhance each site and continue to operate at its maximum potential. We know there are budgets to meet and we are willing to work with your budget guidelines.


We use the Individually Quick Frozen (I.Q.F.) method with all of our products. I.Q.F. ensures high quality frozen food because it does not allow ice crystals to form in vegetable cells. 


Our processing factory is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified, ISO 9002 certified, USDA certified and Wholesomeness Certified. Chef’s Corner Foods also has NMSDC certification as a minority owned company. 


We believe that healthy food, authentic flavor and honest business practices are the key to success. Our products include all natural, local ingredients. 

Grant Kwok
Winnie Chang
National Sales Director

Our Vision

Our sincerest wish is to be an effective participant in our communities which – together with food service directors, childhood dietitians, and fellow passionate food enthusiasts – seeks to improve the health and nutrition of the diet of our young people. We believe that, together, we can all inspire decision makers and policy writers across the country to help us create a greater and healthier future.